Pursue Greatness

We aren't trying to be ordinary. We want to win and we want to show the world that mixed can be played a different way. In order to achieve this goal, we must approach every practice, strategy session and new experience with the goal of not just success, but greatness. We expect to face challenges and failures, and know that in order to be great we must be able to rise above them.

Gain Trust

Our goal is to gain the confidence of our teammates. We know that the team is there to help us grow our confidence, not take it away. Everything we do should be with the intent of growing our teammates trust in us...this is most valuable in relation to communicating openly with teammates, working hard outside of practice so that you can be there for your teammates, and being a reliable teammate by showing up on time, working hard, and committing to the team.

Develop your Abilities to the Utmost

Our goal is to become the best ultimate players we can be, both with regards to skills and with regards to communication and mental strength. We expect that everyone is intending to improve their skills to their maximum potential while playing for this team. We expect that people will want to receive feedback, want to fail at new tasks so that they can succeed, and recognize that our goal is not to beat the other team, but to better ourselves in the pursuit.

Earn Respect

We know the respect from our opponents and community is earned, not given. We play with the highest regard for the game, our team and our opponents in order to develop respect.

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